Saturday, February 9, 2013

Taking Time For Solitude & Silence, Feeding The Inner Self Where Joy Is Born...

And sometimes to find bliss, we need to escape into solitude, and silence, meditation, and prayer, and this is where I have been. I am going through major life changes and the last 3 days my computers have been being updated, networked, a new big printer, a gift from a friend added into the mix, and my old farmers table overlooking the woods and gardens, wild birds at many feeders and the Magic Ship off into the distance looks like command central. I have to laugh. I never imagined such a thing in my life, but as I finish one book, create eBooks, work towards starting a small press of my own, and, on the tables in the center of the room where I will paint, design, and create art, art supplies, a table-top easel, and all manner of mixed media supplies are being organized. Serious work is about to be done in here and a lot of work has had to be done to make this happen. James will be back today to spend several hours working on the computers to finish up and I have been with my animals in silence, resting, making notes, dreaming, reading and allow the table to rise inside of me. On the brink of great change we must ready ourselves by recharging our batteries and powering off the world at large, and so I have done for 3 days. By Monday I will be back and up and running and I am excited about it, too, I have found true bliss in these quiet moments. It's good to unplug. It's healthy. Joy is born of days of exquisite self-care and it has truly been bliss.

I wish you joy, bliss, and all of this, and I will see you here very soon...


  1. Solitude and silence are hugely important in my life, and I wrap myself in both on a daily basis. I call my studio "The Hermitage" for that reason. I, too, have been disconnected from the world for a while because my own computer suffered a major head crash a few weeks ago, and I had insufficient backups to restore much of anything. I'm using a loaner now, and can access the internet, but no e-mail, no photos, no iTunes. This won't go on forever, but, for now, I'm enjoying the isolation. I'm spending lots of time in front of the big window in my studio, enjoying visual treats similar to yours... birds, meadows, SF Bay in the distance, glorious sunsets... reading, writing, thinking, dreaming, drinking gallons of coffee. Life is good!

  2. Very exciting! Sending you great joy from our little corner of the world, where the birds are singing and snow is gently falling.