Monday, February 4, 2013

You should absolutely keep these on hand at all times...

Everything's better with bubbles!

I have a bubble story and it's something you can do too because it was just a joyful bunch of fun.

For awhile I worked in a hospital in a department where we saw a lot of sad hard cases. We had had a string of really rough ones and everyone was really down from secretaries to bosses. I had an inspiration on the way to work and stopped in a drugstore and bought all the little jars of bubbles they had. When I got in to work I carried them around and gave every single person in our department bubbles and all day long you would see bubbles floating in the air and people laughing and giggling, blowing bubbles at one another, and one of the things that tickled me most was looking down the hall and seeing bubbles coming out of the open door of our bosses office and hearing him laugh. 

There's a little kid that lives in all of us no matter how old we are. That little kid still needs to come out to play sometimes. It's good for our mental health, and share the wealth. Take bubbles to people you work with, or home to your whole family, and all have fun together. You just won't believe how it will change the whole tenor of the day. Sometimes even the person who always seems dour and unhappy will light up like a Christmas tree. Bubbles are just plain magic...

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