Monday, February 4, 2013

Easter Will Be Here Before You Know It And You HAVE To Make These If You Never Have!

(And frankly I think that doing them year round could be essential
 to create a continual JOY-FEST!)

When our kids were little we made lots of these and had friends over and ran around outside chasing each other and bashing these on people's heads with gales of laughter. They are Easter Eggs filled with confetti and when you smash them on someone they EXPLODE and confetti goes everywhere.

I am including a how-to link for making them but essentially you tap about a dime size hole in the end of an egg, drain it out, let it dry, then you can color or decorate as normal, fill about 2/3 full of confetti and use a glue stick and little pieces of colored tissue paper to close the hole. Easy as that. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important, when bashing someone on the head, to hit with the SIDE of the egg which smashes quite easily and doesn't hurt. DO NOT bash someone on the head with the END of the egg which does not break easily, stays amazingly hard, AND HURTS!

This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys and once you do it everyone will want to do it every year. Click HERE for a page of directions on making them!

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